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They Wont Believe In You Until It’s Too Late

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

From my experience being an entrepreneur, no one has ever believed I would have accomplished what I set out to accomplish.

However I do not think that it was fully a bad thing.

Being that I didn’t have the support that I was looking for I attained the drive and determination I was looking for.

It sort of came out of me.

Every-time I heard, “there’s no way you can do that” or ”that’s impossible“, I would say to myself I will show them wrong.

As an entrepreneur the odds are not always in your favor.

You don’t always have the leverage.

You don’t always have the skills.

You don’t always have the support.

But the one thing you can‘t ever lose is the belief.

If you lose the belief you have in yourself, then you already loss.

Hold on to your belief, and let time tell what awaits on your journey.

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