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My Marketing Secrets

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Well here goes...

My marketing method is based around one fo a few things.

The most important is Learning.

If you are not learning what really works and what isn’t working in your marketing efforts, you are wasting money in your business.

Unfortunately, even if you cut the budget you would still be losing money. And it simply is because your marketing plan is not optimized.

If your marketing manager or the marketing agency you hired isn’t constantly testing they are not going to be able to optimize your ad spend.

The problem this causes is when we as business owners look to see what exactly is a needle mover to the main goal or objectives.

Marketing doesn’t seem to be on that list. Especially when we think we are spending too much on ads.

As a business owner your marketers should be able to have around 10 -15 diffrent test per week to be able to optimize the budget to see what exactly is working.

They also should be showing you direct reports on how that one campaign contributed more towards the KPI ( main goal or objective) than another campaign.

In business Marketing is the main thing that allows our businesses to grow.

So I encourage you to give your marketing teams the resources to test out exactly what works and what allows them to get to the KPI as effectively as possible.

If you don‘t currently have a marketing agency working with you but you are looking for one look no further me and my team are here to help.

I brought together some of the best marketers and we would love to help take your business to the next level.

Call us at 615.551.7055

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