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Are You a True Leader?

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Entrepreneurship is all about leadership. Knowing how to take charge, keep everyone calm, keep everyone safe. People rely on you! One of the bigges feads of entrepreneurs is failing there team. However, with the right guidance you can avoid all the rookie mistake. The trick is finding them

Find someone who does what you want to do?

Their are a lot of people nowadays who are interested in building businesses and that’s amazing. However there are a lot of people who claim to be business coaches but have never built a business. Does a baseball coach never play baseball? Was the teacher never a student? No! So why take the advice of someone who hasn’t a practicing what you would like to do.

Find a Value Proposition

Finding a way to learn from these people can be extremely difficult. Given the value they have on their time. You have to learn how to place yourself in a position for them to want your help. Certain task our more valuable than others to some people. Most people are either a sales man or a marketer. Most people are either a leader or an operator. Most people don’t possess all of the skills needed to operate the business they want to create. Placing yourself as someone who can take a load off their shoulders is definitely a place to start.

Market Yourself

Marketing is one of your most valuable investments. No I didn’t mean expense I meant investment, marketing allows you to get in front of people and the more people who know you, the more opportunity you will have. There’s no rocket science to it. You need to showcase your skills! Making an investment in yourself is one of the best things a young entrepreneur can do because it is solely dependent on your own will power. You have control of your investment, use it wisely.

its music to my ears when people go into business, but there are too many people praying on young entrepreneurs to make mistakes. Use this as a guide togo out there and find the best teachers to help you avoid the rookie mistakes.

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